Thursday, July 1, 2010

little boy BIG attitude

Nathan just had a birthday in June and is at the oh so wonderful age of 2! He is truly an awesome kid. He is so funny and will do anything to make you laugh. His favorite thing in the world is his "baby" (blanket). He has 2 that are the same other than the color. He will take the edge and rub it on his nose. Sometimes he will even hold it up and rub it on my nose which just melts my heart. Not sure how he became so attached. I had tried so hard with Haylee and Brayden to get them to love an animal or blanket. No luck. I didn't even try with him because i figured it would be pointless and the next thing i knew he was having meltdowns when i had to put it in the washer.The other night i put him to bed with an impostor blanket that is VERY close to his favorites. I covered him up and shut the door. I didn't get down the hall before i heard him yelling "mommy. Mommmmmy" So i go back in and he was standing in his crib holding the impostor blanket all rolled up saying "no baby. no baby" and pointing at the door for me to go get the real one. Can't fool this little man.

His second favorite thing in the world is singing. The boy has just recently decided he is going to give the english language a try, but has been singing for months. He just walks around singing "Old MacDonald", "Twinkle Twinkle", "Bob the Builder", "Farmer and the Dell" and "Ring Around the Rosie" to name a few. The actual words were irrelevant(until recently) to him but he had the notes and the rhythms down! You could definitely tell what song it was even without the words.

He loves playing with Haylee and Brayden and can't get enough of grabbing something of theirs and taking off running to get them to chase him. His smile will make your day and i could listen to his laugh all day long.

Wrapped up with all his awesomeness is one BIG attitude. He is a boy who knows what he wants and he wants it NOW!! The problem is he has very few words with which to tell you what that might be and even less patience to let you try and figure it out. When you tell him no about something or don't understand what he is trying to get you to do or give him he will let you know that he is NOT happy about it. This can be in any number of methods or a combination of all. the lip roll, the foot stomp, the "hmmph", the drop to the ground and become dead weight, the hitting whatever or whoever is closest (whether involved in the problem or not), or the screaming cry. I have never had a kid so skilled in these areas as he is. I think he takes pride in his ability to express his dislike of a situation. Some days, like today, i have to just turn away and laugh.Obviously i don't encourage this behavior but i have to admit that watching this 2 year old little boy stand with his lip rolled out to the floor stomping one foot at me over and over is kind of funny sometimes. Today he was terrorizing Brayden, who was trying to put a puzzle together, so i told him he had to go do something else before we had an all out war break loose. Well, this was not okay with him and he was going to let me know it. So he starts in with his hitting and stomping. I looked at him and said "If you are going to have a bad attitude you go to your room." I wasn't really expecting him to do this as it was really the first time i have ever said this to him but to my surprise off he went. He walked himself straight down the hallway and into his room and slammed the door behind him. Did I mention he is 2???? It was all i could do to contain my laughter so the big kids would not get any ideas as they have much more limited "tools" for expressing their dislikes and i would like to keep it that way!!!

So folks, this is just a taste of my littlest little man. He makes life so much fun and i wouldn't change him a bit!!