Friday, February 18, 2011


12:15 am. Sound asleep (or as sound as a mom is able) in my bed. I awake to the grumbling growl of Miss Daisy. Followed by ferocious barks and scratching at the door. Daisy is an unusually quiet dog as far as barking goes. She was probably 3 years old before we even knew she could, in fact, bark. So, needless to say, i shot straight up out of bed while Tom lay, still peacefully in dreamland. He is harder to wake than the dead. I am not kidding. I decide that i will brave it by myself and go see what is causing all the commotion. So i tip-toe down the hall and into the living room where Daisy is getting ready to break through the french doors to get outside. I turn on the light and scan the backyard. Nothing. I tell Daisy she is crazy and get back into bed. A minute later the grumbling starts again. This time i decide Tom needs to investigate. So i push him out of bed and follow him into the living room. Again we see nothing. So Tom opens the door and Daisy tears out to the back fence which nearly meets its end as she plants both front feet on it running full speed. And then it is clear. Trying it's best to balance on a now very wobbly privacy fence and stay clear of the mad dog below is Mr. Opossum. Yuck. I was praying that the thing had good balance because if it actually fell and Daisy got a hold of it i am afraid we would have had to let her have it. Those things are not the cutest of creatures from across a yard and i definitely don't want an up close view. With the mystery solved i headed back to bed and listened as Tom tried to convince Miss Daisy to come back inside for the next 5 minutes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Miracle

Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up yesterday morning just like every other morning...hungry for my bowl of Special K Chocolaty Delight Cereal. When i got to the kitchen i saw that Tom had already fixed the kids bowls of my chocolaty delicious cereal and they were sitting enjoying their breakfast. I reached for the box to pour myself a bowl and it was empty. EMPTY. On my BIRTHDAY. So, i began to think of what else i could possibly eat and came up with my all time favorite...chocolate pop-tarts. There is nothing quite like a toasted chocolate pop-tart and cold glass of milk. The only problem is, we don't buy pop-tarts. So i went to the one place i know keeps a parents house. Just so happens, they live across the street so i ventured out in the freezing cold in search of my beloved pop-tart. Now in the time it took me to think of pop-tarts and get across the street my mind was set. NOTHING else was going to do. I walk in and ask my dad if he has any pop-tarts and he says YES! I ask if he has any chocolate pop-tarts and sadly he crushed all my hopes and dreams. He only had brown sugar cinnamon and cherry. FOUR big boxes of brown sugar cinnamon and one small of cherry. How could this be happening to me on my birthday??? I decided that if i was going to get anything at all i was just going to have to settle for brown sugar cinnamon and reached in the box. I went over to the toaster opened my brown sugar cinnamon pop tart to toast it and that's when it happened. My birthday miracle. I pulled out of the package a CHOCOLATE pop-tart!! My very own birthday miracle!! They were the best chocolate pop-tarts i have ever eaten. Probably because they were miracle pop-tarts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Sit, I Wait

Today is a very big day in the Coogle house. Any minute now, Mr. FedEx man will ring my doorbell and deliver a shiny new cell phone for my Tom. This is a day that has been anticipated for months. Now, here in the Coogle house, we do things a bit differently. We don't just go to the store, play around with a phone or two, buy one and leave. No no. We (and by "we" i mean "he") research and read and research and read until "we" are sure "we" know all there is to know about all possible candidates for the next Coogle cell phone. It is a huge decision after all. You have to spend a whole year of your life with your choice. A year you say? Yes. A year. 2-year contracts are unacceptable in the Coogle house. That is much too much time to devote to one phone when, undoubtedly, next month something even cooler than starting your car from miles away or setting your DVR to record a show while you are sitting in church will be released. (Does anyone else find this just a tad over the top???) But that is what is happening so maybe i should just embrace it. Here goes...I would like all you makers of cell phones to make me a phone that will cook my dinner while i sit and sip lemonade in the hammock out back. please and thank you. When this happens, i will join "he" in researching and reading to find just the right one. Until then, i will be happy to be the designated "sit at home and wait for Mr. FedEx" person. I have the feeling the next few days will be somewhat lonely for me as my Tom has his bonding period with the new delivery so i am off now to find a new book to read to help pass the time.