Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Sit, I Wait

Today is a very big day in the Coogle house. Any minute now, Mr. FedEx man will ring my doorbell and deliver a shiny new cell phone for my Tom. This is a day that has been anticipated for months. Now, here in the Coogle house, we do things a bit differently. We don't just go to the store, play around with a phone or two, buy one and leave. No no. We (and by "we" i mean "he") research and read and research and read until "we" are sure "we" know all there is to know about all possible candidates for the next Coogle cell phone. It is a huge decision after all. You have to spend a whole year of your life with your choice. A year you say? Yes. A year. 2-year contracts are unacceptable in the Coogle house. That is much too much time to devote to one phone when, undoubtedly, next month something even cooler than starting your car from miles away or setting your DVR to record a show while you are sitting in church will be released. (Does anyone else find this just a tad over the top???) But that is what is happening so maybe i should just embrace it. Here goes...I would like all you makers of cell phones to make me a phone that will cook my dinner while i sit and sip lemonade in the hammock out back. please and thank you. When this happens, i will join "he" in researching and reading to find just the right one. Until then, i will be happy to be the designated "sit at home and wait for Mr. FedEx" person. I have the feeling the next few days will be somewhat lonely for me as my Tom has his bonding period with the new delivery so i am off now to find a new book to read to help pass the time.

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