Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ending the Neglect

So, i have been awfully neglectful of my little blog here. So much in fact, that i just spent half an hour combing through my facebook profile to find a link to it. Sad. I know. I will try and do better.

Now for a quick "Where Are They Now" session to get everyone (or possibly just one) caught up...

*Me and my Tom: Counting down days until our 10 year anniversary trip. Not going far, but we are going alone!!

*Haylee- adjusted to first grade and doing well. Her thoughts on First Grade.."It is so much cooler than kindergarten".

*Brayden- still trying to get used to going to school EVERY day. It helps if he has a new monster hoodie or new shoes to show off. Or if there is talk of a birthday that might mean cupcakes. All other days are a struggle to get him in the class and me out.

*Nathan- oh Nathan. He seems to be fully focused on showing me the definition of "Terrible Twos" The good news....he shows signs of being really great at whatever he decides to do in life. He goes all out!! And we have no worries of him succumbing to peer pressure. Who cares if all his friends have really cool underwears and go pee-pee in the potty. He has really cool diapers.

That is all for today.